Commercial Insurance

Winner Consultancy have built up a sizable corporate clientele by supporting our clients with their business insurance needs.

We offer an array of products such as:

Commercial All Risk Insurance

This policy covers your property for any accidental physical loss or damage (other than loss or damage specifically excluded in the policy).

Contractors / Erection All Risks Insurance

This policy protect your capital investments against loss or damage to the work in progress or materials purchased for the purpose of incorporating into the project and covers your liability against third party claims arising from the construction activities of the works.

Consequential Loss Insurance

Usually taken with Fire Insurance. This policy offers protection against the loss of gross profits that your business suffers as a result of a claim under your Fire Policy.

Equipment All Risk Insurance

This policy protects your business equipment and machinery. It indemnifies you against the risk of accidental physical loss or damage to property due to external causes while at your premises, during loading, unloading or land transit.

Fire Insurance

This insurance indemnifies you against damage to your property caused by fire, lightning or explosion.

Foreign Worker Bond / Medical Insurance

It provides the benefits as required by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) and additional coverage that will ensure your foreign worker is well taken care of.

Fidelity Guarantee

This policy indemnifies you if you suffer direct or pecuniary loss arising from any act of fraud or dishonesty committed by an employee.

Marine Insurance (Marine Cargo Insurance and Marine Hull Insurance)

Marine Cargo Insurance offers protection for your goods against damage or loss during transit while Marine Hull Insurance protects you against liability for damage to other vessels if there is an accident at sea and insures your vessel against loss or damage to the hull and machinery.

Money Insurance

This policy indemnifies you against the loss of money while in transit between your premises and the bank or post office and vice versa as well as at your premises, provided all money is securely locked in a safe, strongroom, drawers, cabinets or cash registers

Public Liability Insurance

This policy protects you from legal claims in connection with your business against, accidental bodily injury or illness to persons and/or accidental loss or damage to property in Singapore. It also covers all costs and expenses of litigation recoverable by  any claimant against you and/or costs incurred with our written consent.

Products Liability Insurance

This policy protects businesses for claims that arise from personal injury and property damage as a result of an occurrence in connection with your products as well as covers the defence costs that are incurred in respect of the claim.

Workmen Compensation Insurance

This policy indemnifies employers for claims lodged by the injured employees under Common Law

– you name it, we find it!

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