Privacy Policy

Winner’s Data Use Statement

Your privacy is important to us and we are committed to ensuring that our collection, use and/or disclosure of your personal data is in compliance with the Personal Data Protection Act 2012, its subsidiary legislation and the guidelines issued by the Personal Data Protection Commission.
This Data Use Statement set outs how your personal data may be collected, used, and/ or disclosed by us. For the purposes set out below, it may be necessary to collect, use and/or disclose personal data about your beneficiaries, trustees, nominees, dependents, assignees, assureds, or guarantors (where applicable) as well (your personal data and such other personal data to be collectively referred to as the “Personal Data”).


Collection of Personal Data

We may collect the Personal Data in the following ways:
a. when any form is completed and submitted to us with your consent in relation to any product or service offered by us, whether in hard copy or electronic copy through web or mobile applications and whether an insurance policy is issued or not;
b. in the course of any communication or exchange between you and us in relation to any product or service offered by us, including face-to-face exchanges, telephone calls, letters, fax and e-mail;
c. when you visit or access our website or provide any information through our website or web or mobile applications;
d. when we receive information from third parties such as your employer, medical practitioners, hospitals, clinics, motor workshops, travel agencies or banks, etc;
e. when you participate in any events organised by us such as recruitment fairs, functions, seminars, and contests;
f. from cookies, or other technology deployed for the collection of statistical data on our website, web and mobile applications; and
g. images, photographs, videos, CCTV footage or voice recordings.


Use of Personal Data

We may use the Personal Data for the following purposes:
a. evaluating financial needs for the purposes of providing recommendations of products and services offered by us;
b. assessing and processing any application or request received by us in relation to any product or service offered by us;
c. verifying and validating identity;
d. underwriting risks in relation to a contract of insurance;
e. requesting and collecting premiums, payments, or debts;
f. reviewing, assessing and/ or processing insurance claims;
g. making payments;
h. providing communication in relation to any product or service offered by us, including policy updates, changes in applicable terms or conditions, status of policy, etc;
i. administering, maintaining, managing and operating the products and services offered by us;
j. promoting the products and services offered by us;
k. conducting market and actuarial research and analysis to help us improve the products or services offered by us or to develop new products or services;
l. managing our administrative and business operations;
m. facilitating our management of business or commercial risks;
n. insuring or co-insuring our risks;
o. performing or updating transactions on your account;
p. maintaining the security of our premises (including the use of security cameras);
q. provision of training to our employees or financial adviser representatives;
r. facilitating any business transactions, including corporate restructuring, mergers, acquisitions, or asset disposals;
s. in the course of legal proceedings;
t. investigating or addressing feedback or complaints received;
u. reporting, preventing, detecting and investigating potential unlawful or improper activity, including suspicious transactions, fraud and money-laundering;
v. delivery or mailing of certificates, correspondence, statements, invoices, reports or notices to you which may disclose certain personal data about you on the envelopes/mail packages;
w. recruitment;
x. organisation of functions, seminars, and contests and communications with you on the same;
y. ensuring compliance with applicable foreign and domestic laws and regulations, codes of practice and/ or guidelines including disclosure to any stock exchange and any applicable treaty or agreement applicable to us;
z. attending to regulatory or audit enquiries;
aa. assisting in regulatory investigations or law enforcement;
bb. and any other purposes directly relating to the administering and/or managing your relationship, account and/or policy(ies) with us.


Disclosure of Personal Data

Where necessary, we may, for the purposes set out above and such other purposes as we may have advised you, disclose the Personal Data to the following, whether in Singapore or overseas:
a. prospective or actual business partners.
b. our financial adviser representatives or insurance representatives.
c. financial advisers, agents, brokers, or affinity partners who distribute or promote our products;
d. agents, contractors or third party service providers we have engaged in connection with insurance underwriting and/ or claims, including medical practitioners, hospitals, clinics, surveyors, loss adjusters, private investigators, motor workshops, and legal advisers;
e. agents, contractors or third party service providers we have engaged to provide such services as marketing and research, communications, telecommunications, telemarketing, customer servicing, information technology, data entry or processing, printing, dispatch, mail distribution, payment, training, data storage or archival, disaster recovery and business continuity;
f. banks, CPF agent banks, credit card companies and their respective service providers;
g. our insurers or reinsurers;
h. our professional advisers, including auditors and legal advisers;
i. Credit Bureau (Singapore);
j. debt collection agencies;
k. the owner of any policy of insurance insured through us where you are a named insured, trustee, assignee, dependents or beneficiary or where you are an employee, your employer who has a group insurance policy with us;
l. your family, relatives, appointed administrator(s) or executor(s) of your estate or affairs and their professional advisers;
m. insurance industry associations, including the Life Insurance Association Singapore and the General Insurance Association Singapore;
n. foreign or domestic regulators or law enforcement agencies, including the Police, Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau, Singapore Customs, Monetary Authority of Singapore, Central Provident Fund Board , Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore, Land Transport Authority, Ministry of Manpower and Ministry of Health;
o. any party to a dispute before (and including) a court of law, tribunal, arbitrator or dispute resolution center such as the Financial Industry Disputes Resolution Centre;
any party you authorise us to disclose the Personal Data to;
Withdrawal of Consent, Access and Correction of Personal Data
Should you wish to:
i. make any enquiries relating to our collection, use, or disclosure of the Personal Data, or
ii. obtain access to your personal data held by us for the preceding 12 months, or
iii. make any correction to such Personal Data, or
iv. withdraw any consent that you have previously given to us in relation to your personal data,
Please contact us at or 6282 8366
Please note that:
i. any request for access to your personal data may be subject to a fee;
ii. any withdrawals of consents are subject to there being no legal or contractual restrictions preventing you from doing so; and
iii. make any correction to such Personal Data, or
iv. the withdrawal of certain consents may result in our inability to continue to provide certain products or services or in the termination of a contract or contracts entered into with us, and we hereby reserve our rights in such event.